Massage Gift Certificates

by Kris Kelley
(Las Vegas)

For the last two years now, (including this year,) I've actually sold out my massage gift certificates ;)

This may sound strange, as some may ask, "How can you sell out your gift certificates?"

I work for myself and as I see my schedule fill up, I always let my clients and prospective clients know what time slots are still available.

I perform outcall massage by myself, so there really isn't that much time available! If I do allow gift certificates to be sold, I ENSURE THAT THE CLIENTS KNOW THAT THEIR MASSAGE WILL NOT BE PERFORMED UNTIL MY SCHEDULE OPENS UP OR THERE'S A CANCELATION. Great communication is best ;) As of right now, Thanksgiving Day, I'm booked solid until February 2nd, 2010!

Many therapists I know over-schedule, knowing that many who purchased massage gift certificates will not redeem them. I've heard that up to 50% of gift certificates are never redeemed!

This has not been the case for me. Well, let me back up a minute. When I first began selling massage gift certificates I did have a high non-redemption rate.

But over the last two years, I've had a very small percentage of people who did not redeem their massage gift certificates.


Building and Developing strong relationships.

I've had quite a few clients want to change the dates and times of their massage, but most everyone always uses their massage gift certificates. The few that have not used their certificates have been those that clients have purchased for them, that they 'just had to buy a gift for,' but didn't really know them.

Ok, this is enough for now. I need to get into the kitchen and help cook the bird ;)

Hopefully you are having tremendous success with your massage gift certificates, and if not, give the method I describe in the link below a try!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and will talk at you soon!

Kris Kelley

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