Massage Marketing Tips Using Seasonal Packages, Events and Holidays!

Let's integrate Mother Nature and the Holidays with some massage marketing tips that will really expand your business!

I don't know about you, but marketing massage for the holidays and the seasons is a blast! I'm always looking forward to the weeks and months ahead for ideas to market my massage business.

Let me ask you a couple of questions to spur your creativity...

What's the weather like in the season you are in? Pick one: Cold, windy, snowing, raining, hot, a beautiful day, etc., etc.

Almost everyone enjoys the holidays as well, right? Everyone knows what they are going to do and plans accordingly.

It just makes perfect sense that we should use these opportunities to grow and expand our massage business.

What we are looking to do here is connect our massage marketing to what's occuring on each holiday and each season. Something simple and catchy. Take an existing massage package and tweak it to the season you are in.

Share your Holiday and Seasonal Ideas by Clicking on this Link! View other Therapists ideas here as well!

What are we looking to accomplish with these massage marketing tips?

  • A REASON to contact your clients!
  • Provide something new and exciting to your clients!
  • Differentiates YOU from your competition!
  • Attracts prospective clients to your business with exciting creativity!

Keep in mind that almost EVERYONE is aware...

of Seasons and Holidays!

While everyone else is complaining about the weather, you can make your massage marketing fun and exciting! While everyone else is goofing off during the holidays, you can be scheduling massage appointments!

Use these massage marketing tips listed below to keep your eyes open to opportunities to expand your massage business.

Eye catching specials may perk someone up who is having a rotten day as well. (Let alone blow away your competition!)

Begin 'Marketing-Forward' Your Massage Therapy Business

The key is to grab a calandar and begin scanning through the months ahead. What time of year is it? What's the weather like? What holidays or special events are coming up?

Please remember as well...

It takes people multiple times at viewing advertising material before they even THINK about making a purchase...let alone scheduling with you.

You have got to plan months ahead because you need to get your creative juices flowing, prepare your massage marketing materials, select which medium you are going to use for your advertising... need to get organized and you need time!

Oh, and by the way, the cost is minimal with these massage marketing tips. Use some creativity, low cost flair, and you'll have it made!

Ok, enough chit-chat...

...let's begin with the Fall and Winter Seasons as well as the Holidays and events that come with it.

Massage Marketing Tips For Halloween!

Many clients I know don't have children, and don't want to have anything to do with Halloween.

You can quickly find out which clients are celebrating Halloween and which are not by simply asking them, "What are your big plans for Halloween?" Do this a couple of weeks in advance so you'll have time to schedule them for a massage!

I schedule these clients on Halloween night as a, "Get away from the Gremlins" night. They have aleady made it clear they didn't have Halloween plans for the night; mostly looking for ways to avoid the children.

Massage time! I usually bring them a catchy gift, (as it IS Halloween,) and perform a massage under candle light.

You can also market massage to the families as well. If either mom or dad is looking after the children or handing out candy, the other receives a massage!

If you work for someone else, take charge (since you're a leader not waiting around for others to grow your clientele,) of creating some catchy phrases for massage packages.

Decorate your office in the Halloween theme. Get creative!

"There's nothing SPOOKY about scheduling your massage on BONES about it!"

"Halloween giving you the JITTERS? Settle down with a relaxing and comforting massage by (add your name here.)"

Halloween is in the fall, so that means...

Spring has sprung...

Fall has fell...

Winter is here...

...And it's cold as ****!

What's the weather like during the fall and winter season where you are? Marketing massage should always include something in regards to the external influences we all have to live with.

Cold, rain, snow, wind??

"Let that COLD WIND spiral you right on in for a HOT stone massage!"

"Your FEET are FROZEN, aren't they? How does a WARM and RELAXING foot massage sound?"

"How does your skin feel after a day in the ICY COLD TUNDRA we call Chicago?" (Insert your city name for Chicago.) Come join us for a hot massage and moisturizing skin care treatments that are out of this world!"

Do you see where I'm going with these massage marketing tips??

Take something that most people dislike or take for granted and flip it around based on the benefits of massage combined with the wants and needs of humans. That's it!

Massage Marketing Tips For Thanksgiving!

What do most people do on Thanksgiving? Over-eat, spend time with their loved ones, go shopping and watch television.

What a perfect opportunity for a massage!

Here are a couple of ideas...

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. People get up very early in the morning and shop until they drop.

After all day of being on their feet, fighting traffic and crowds, doesn't a massage sound great!

The best way to schedule the 'shoppers' is to talk to your existing clients prior to Thanksgiving and ask if they will be fighting the crowds shoppping. If they are, explain the benefits of a nice foot reflexology session or hot stone massage after their shopping day is over. Schedule them weeks in advance so they have your massage session to look forward to!

Here's another idea: Many like to spend the Holidays with their families. What a perfect opportunity to schedule multiple massage sessions one right after the other!

Perform massage on mom and grandmother first, then dad and grandfather. You get the picture ;)

This way you have a continuous flow of massage sessions without that "down time" BETWEEN clients.

How about having the men do the dishes after the meals, (on commercial breaks of course,) and the ladies receive a massage in the comfort and convenience of their own home, or, visit your business!

Spice this massage package up a bit, letting clients know how great a massage will feel while their male counterparts are doing the dishes, etc., etc.

Don't forget the men, either.

They love massage just as much as the women do!

P.S. As you can tell, Thanksgiving Holiday massage marketing is one of my favorites. You've got people not working, together with their families, and stressed out from over-eating as well as shopping. Talk about the perfect opportunity!

Put this time to good use!

Let's move on, shall we?

Massage Marketing Tips For CHRISTMAS!

This is when you need to bring out the holiday ideas, the cold winter season, every tip and trick you have!

Massage Gift Certificates should be your number one priority!

Advertise multiple massage packages for this winter holiday season. Most children are out of school, life is getting chaotic get my drift ;)

"Hot Stone Massage for those Cold Winter Nights."

"Hot Herbal Wraps when You're Chilled to the Bone."

"Are your feet frozen from the sub-zero temperatures? Heat them up with a comforting foot massage!"

"Does the cold and wet winter season make your skin feel like the hide of a Rhino?"

Get creative and push these packages and massage gift certificates!

Good Grief! I almost forgot the...

Massage Marketing Tips for Fall and Winter SPORTS and Sporting Events!

It's the beginning of football season (Here in the United States,) and the baseball season is heading into the playoffs.

Here's a great idea: Massage party for the ladies while the men watch the World Series or Monday Night Football!

Let's not get sexist now... about a massage party for the men after the games are over, to either celebrate their teams victory or to reduce the stress level after their team has lost.

What about a football/baseball drawing or contest? The winners receive a massage and the losers have to pay for it?

HUGE Massage Marketing Tip: The Super Bowl!

Everyone has a plan for the Super Bowl. This is another perfect opportunity for you. Why?

People don't have to work (in most cases,) they are together at a party, and they are having fun! Perform massage sessions after the game. Have a drawing to see who wins a massage with you! (Please keep in mind that we don't massage intoxicated individuals, but you already knew that.)

These are just a few massage marketing tips and idea's to get your creative juices flowing. As time permits I'll begin to include the spring and summer months, as well as the holidays associated with these seasons.

What were the take-aways from all of this?

  • A reason to contact your clients!
  • Look to the future and 'Market-Forward' your massage business for Holidays and Seasonal activities!
  • Get creative!
  • Last but certainly not least, DO SOMETHING!

How many great idea's have you come up with and have never executed?? You've got to get out there with your action plan and put it to work! If not, how will you ever figure out what works and what doesn't?

How will you ever attract clients?

How will you ever OVER-deliver to your existing clients?

How will you ever earn that income you want....AND deserve?

Hopefully these massage marketing tips have at least got you thinking outside the box just a bit. Put your thinking cap on and look at the demographics around your massage practice and see what you can come up with!

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