Massage in Las Vegas - The Best Tipsters??

by Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Las Vegas Massage

Las Vegas Massage

The Best Massage in Las Vegas Tipsters - How can we narrow this down? Who have we found that tips the best??

One thing I've noticed that I'm not sure I mentioned in the original post is this: Las Vegas massage clients who tip the best seem to work in the service industry, regardless of their income level. If they are already scheduled for a massage, they have the disposable income to spend and they are spending it!

Although some of these massage clients may not be as regular with their visits as others, they understand that much of our income here in the service industry is based on tips, so they are much more likely to tip above and beyond the 'normal' massage client.

The great thing about performing massage in Las Vegas is that our city here is very, very service oriented ;)

Many of my clients here in Las Vegas are bartenders, performers, card dealers, valets, etc., etc. Many in this industry don't even make minimum wage on their actual paychecks! Thus, most of their income arrives via 'tips,' so they truly understand the value of exceptional customer service to generate these tips and tend to tip more themselves.

I also have many clients who are medical professionals such as doctors. Although these individuals are (mostly) highly paid, they are NOT used to receiving tips at all. Thus, they are much less likely to tip another health professional such as myself. (This is from my own personal experience of course.)

Now please don't get me wrong, I value regular, weekly clients, regardless of what they do for a living, over everyone else. If I perform a massage in Las Vegas for a 'weekly client' at the rate of $70.00 and they tip me $10.00 on a weekly basis, this is much more profitable than someone who visits once a month and tips me $30.00 on a $70.00 massage.

Yet, this topic is tipping, not massage therapist income ;) I'll get to massage therapist income in another blog post one of these days! The best solution I've found is attract regular clients who are also big tippers for my Las Vegas massage business. This of course is a work in progress ;)

Ok, that's enough for now. Have a great day!

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