Massage Marketing To CPA's Is A Great
Client Attracting Method!

Massage marketing to CPA's (Certified Public Accounts) by writing introductory letters can really expand this niche of prospective massage clients. Here is a letter already written for you!

Please read the following post then you can E-mail me for a FREE introductory letter (template) that I've already created for you! You just fill in the name of your massage practice, the name of the CPA, then just follow the directions on this page!

The tax deadline is over (for most) and now the CPA's are exhaused and attempting to relax. a massage therapist, can we find a better
target market???

Send an e-mail to: if you'd like me to e-mail you the massage marketing letter I mail out to all the CPA's in my area. This letter is in the format of MS Word. Massage Marketing done the easy way!

No, you won't be added to my mailing list or anything else. I'll JUST send you the letter. Now, if you'd like more in-depth information on what I'm doing, please sign up for my Ezine here: Marketing Solutions Ezine.

Use this template and substitute your own personal information and experience. Here is how to use this massage marketing letter for CPA's and what to do to get started.

Perform a quick search on the Internet for CPA's in your area. (CPA = Certified Public Accountant). Get their mailing address. Or, grab a telephone book and find them.

Ensure you personalize EVERY letter with the CPA's first name.

Example: In the letter is says, Dear (name). Ensure you put each CPA's name here. Ensure you do this throughout the letter where personalization is needed. Your marketing always needs to be personalized!

Print these massage marketing letters off on some good quality colored paper. Nothing to flashy, yet something to get their attention.

Next, you need to personalize your envelopes so that your mailers even get opened! This is extremely important (how to create your mailer enevelopes) and is often overlooked. Please read the link below on massage mailers before continuing. If your envelope doesn't get opened it doesn't matter how attractive your massage marketing letter is!

Here's how to create a proper massage marketing mailer envelope: Massage Mailers and massage marketing tips on how to get your letter opened!

If you send this out to fifty CPA's, what's this going to cost? Thirty bucks?? Or....

Save your postage and drive to their office! (The postage $'s will go towards gas).

Prior to this though, ensure you've personalized your letters to each CPA in the office. (Many CPA's have offices with multiple CPA's in one office). This shows a personal touch as well as you can discuss your 'Stressed Out CPA Massage Package' with the receptionist or administrative assistant. Most administrative assistants I know work just as hard (or harder) as everyone else!

If you can drum up conversation with the receptionist all the better. Some will even want to read your letter to see what it contains. Include them in your offer! Also, if you've managed to strike up a conversation, they may give you tips on how to re-create your letter to better suit each CPA and their individual wants and needs.

Keep in mind that you may need to visit these businesses more than once to build a relationship.

Familiarity is important. Calling on potential new business is like building any other relationship. The office staff is the key. If they like you, the CPA's will like you.

Take in your 'Stressed out CPA letters' with a box of Krispy Creams Or bagels. It may not happen on the first visit but it will happen by the third or forth. It is imperative to let the staff know why you are coming and that you intend on winning their business. Ask when is the best time to catch the CPA's between clients.

However your visits have to be consistent and pick the same day each time you visit. Let everyone know you will be back on that day. On the third visit, the afternoon before you go, call ahead and ask the staff which would they prefer bagels or donuts. Take their orders. Let them know this would not happen every time but you have extra time tomorrow and don't mind bring what they like.

MAKE SURE someone asks the CPA's what they want. You will become familiar (family) to them and they will make sure you get your time in front of the CPA.

When you get in front of the CPA, make sure you have all your supporting literature and information they need to make a decision. Again, make your intentions known that your intent of this courtship is to build a working relationship between your massage practice and their CPA office to insure a healthy and happy outcome for all parties involved.

...and you thought massage marketing was difficult? No way! As the old saying goes, "it's simple, but not easy." I've done the 'simple' part for you with the CPA letter. Now it's your turn.

Yes, this will take some 'leg work' and 'elbow grease.' Yet, when you add this personal touch by visiting prospective clients in person, they recognize this!

OK, let's get to work!

E-mail me now at: for your FREE template letter!

Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley

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