Foot Reflexology with Boris Prilutsky

Massage Continuing Education at Northwest Health Careers!

Foot reflexology is evidence-based clinical foot massage.

Chinese medicine includes Chinese massage as well foot reflexology. In principle, foot reflexology is based on beliefs that:

Different areas of the foot will be stimulated by specific techniques that will correspond and have a positive effect on the function of different body parts, including but not limited to internal organs, skeletal muscular system, etc.

Boris has had many years of successfully incorporating foot reflexology with orthopedic massage, stress management massage as well as proposing it as an individual procedure.

After Boris demonstrates you will learn during the first two minutes of observing the foot structure how to create a map and how to choose areas needed for stimulation that correspond with different body components that you target to stimulate, as well as you will learn various hands-on techniques for foot reflexology.

Further discussion and explanations listed below!

COURSE TITLE: Foot Reflexology

LOCATION: Northwest Health Careers, 7398 Smoke Ranch Rd., Las Vegas, NV. 89128 Click Here for driving directions and a map of our location.

DATE and TIME: Saturday, June 25th, 2011. Time: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

MASSAGE CE CREDIT: Eight (8) massage CE contact hours with certificate.

TUITION: Cost for this seminar is: $125.00. Attend Sunday’s seminar on Lymphatic Drainage as well and receive $30.00 of off both seminars! That’s only $110.00 per seminar! Please note: After these seminars Boris’ price per seminar will go up to $150.00 per day. Call now to register!

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Please bring two (2) bed sheets, personal towel, and lubrication (preferably non-allergenic for all types of skin). Also, please bring a notebook and a writing utensil for note taking.


40 years ago at school Boris was introduced to this type of treatment by a Mongolian medical doctor who graduated from a Soviet conventional medical school.

There are many foot reflexology maps out there that show foot zone stimulation in slightly different locations. It would be fair to say that there are hundreds of these maps available on the market which can be pretty confusing.

At this seminar Boris will teach you how to choose individual areas for stimulation.

Please keep in mind how similar our feet are, yet they are all different in size and form, including some feet affected with different arthritic and other degenerative changes.

Mongolian and Chinese practitioners for thousands of years considered reflexology and therefore came to the conclusion that no map could be created; yet on each individual foot structure practitioners can choose an area in need of stimulation.

Boris has had many years of successfully incorporating Foot Reflexology with orthopedic massage, stress management massage as well as proposing it as an individual procedure.

After Boris’ theoretical presentation and a hands-on demonstration, most of the time in this seminar you will practice hands on technique with each other, practicing foot reflexology techniques.

Boris has said: "After attending my first presentation on clinical foot massage/foot reflexology I was amazed by the wisdom of creating individual foot maps that only takes two minutes. Lately, utilizing this technique I've been amazed at the results in many different cases including but not limited to, tension headache management, lower back pain, neck and upper back pain, shoulders pain, as well as in cases of internal organ disease."

There are no silver bullets in our occupation, yet foot reflexology is one of the great options we can incorporate in our treatment to assist our clients.

"You will learn during the first two first minutes of observing the foot structure how to create a map and how to choose areas needing stimulation that are corresponding with different body components that you target to stimulate, as well as you will learn various hands-on techniques for Foot reflexology."

Attention: As part of this seminar and as an addition to hands-on techniques Boris will teach you how to incorporate energy work. In Boris' strong opinion each of us have to learn Energy work techniques in order to deliver better results and to protect your self from negative energy influences of clients.

REGISTRATION: Call Kris Kelley at: 702.580.6093 or E-mail at:

Attend Both Seminars and Receive a Discount of $30.00 Before the Price Increases!

Pick up the phone and call Kris Kelley right now to reserve your spot! 702.580.6093. Or, you can E-mail me at:

Boris Prilutsky is approved by NCBTMB as continuing education approved provider. His provider number is 451346-10.

About the instructor: Boris Prilutsky is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of medical and sports massage. He has 38 years experience with over 20 years experience working with Olympic and professional teams. You can be sure that when you attend this seminar you will learn from the original source!

If you would like to contact Boris Prilutsky directly, E-mail him at:

Kris Kelley is the authorized event coordinator for continuing education at Northwest Health Careers located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this massage continuing education seminar please pick up the telephone and call me at: 702.580.6093 or you can E-mail me at:

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