Proper Shoulder Alignment

by Karina
(Las Vegas, NV)

What happens when your shoulders are aligned properly?

The shoulder joint is supported in the socket when the chest and back muscles are balanced and toned equally and the arms hang freely from your torso.

The trapezius and pecs must be balanced for the arms to be relaxed and in the proper position. When the arms are relaxed, the biceps and triceps work in an equal manner. If the pecs are too tight, the arm can rotate anteriorly and reduce the range of motion in the shoulder joint. The biceps contract too much and the triceps does not work properly. This problem with the biceps and triceps can lead to misuse of the forearms and then translates to the hands and fingers.

Can you see how improper alignment in the shoulders can translate down to the arms and hands and possibly create injury?

Karina Braun
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