Self Recognition In
Your Self Care Program

Self Recognition for your massage therapist self care program is an important aspect for building self confidence and securing success!

Appreciate Yourself!

As Massage Thearapists, there are times when we feel under appreciated, as if no one understands how hard we work and how much we are trying.

Have you ever had a day like the example listed below?

I enter the workplace and no one acknowledges me. The entire day goes smoothly, with half a dozen massages complete. All intake forms completed correctly, all my notes are up to date on every client. Each client is given top-notch customer service as well as the best possible massage.

What happens then?


Minimal client feedback. I know everything went well, yet it just seems my communication skills and mere presence is overlooked. Other employee's in the spa don't seem to care or even notice me. It's like I'm invisible.

What the heck is going on??? I'm doing great! Someone acknowledge me!!!

Can you relate???

One of my favorite pieces of advice has always been to praise often and tell people how much I appreciate them. There are times, however, when no one seems to be applying that advice toward us, when no one seems to be appreciating us.

At times, it's important to stop what you are doing and pat yourself on the back. Take a few moments to reflect on what you've been doing and on the nature of your intentions and actions. Mentally review your accomplishments. Think about how hard you work and how much you are contributing to your goals, and to the people you are working with.

As simple as this sounds, a little self recognition really helps! I've done this many times, and have found that it puts things in perspective.

Develop Self Recognition From Within

    Sometimes it reminds me of how busy I have become, which gives me compassion for everyone else who is busy. I can recognize why people sometimes forget or are unable to be appreciative – they are absorbed in their work and their own lives.

    Sometimes we get going so fast that we forget to pause and reflect. We also must remember that this occurs with everyone else!

    When we take a moment, however, we can regain our perspective and realize that we are making a valuable contribution to ourselves, our families, the people and business we work with, and humanity.

    Recognizing your contribution from within yourself is actually more powerful and satisfying than hearing it from others. In fact, in order to feel good about yourself and your efforts, you must be able to compliment yourself and recognize and acknowledge your contribution from within.

    Almost everyone loves to be patted on the back by others. It feels good. However, when it's not happening, don't let it get you down or adversely affect your attitude. Praise from others is never a certainly, and making it a condition of your happiness is a really bad idea.

    What you can do is praise yourself and pat yourself on the back. Be honest and genuine regarding your compliments. If you're doing a good job, say so. If you're working long hours, give yourself some self recognition. If you're making life a little better for even one person, or making any type of contribution to society, then the world is a better place because of you.

    You deserve to be recognized. If you'll actually take the time to incorporate self recognition techniques into your massage therapist self care program, I know you'll find this exercise is well worth the effort!

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