At Your Door Massage Therapy For Golfers

At Your Door Massage therapy for golfers will lower your golf handicap and reduce your stress level, all in one!

"Let's lower your strokes, prevent injury and increase your enjoyment out on the course!"

Is your handicap heading the wrong way? Does the summer heat wipe you out after 18 holes? Can't keep your 'eye on the ball' due to a stiff neck??

Hey, do I have the solution for YOU! Let's keep reading...

Well, I DO have a solution for you, but unfortunately it is NOT in Las Vegas, and it is not with massage therapy, as great a treatment plan as it is. I'm now down in Prescott, Arizona, teaching life coaching and personal performance coaching, as well as many other aspects of mind-body health. Please feel free to visit my new page here, the Crack Between The Worlds Crack Between The Worlds. Thanks, and hope to see you soon!

I'm quite sure you would like a FREE solution first, yes? If so, visit our page listed here for free stress relief meditation tips and tricks. Meditation will assist you more than you know, and why not use this to compliment your massage as a solution to mental anxiety and chronic physical pain? If this interests you, please feel free to visit our page entitled stress relief meditation right here, Stress Relief Meditation.


Did you know that...

Massage in Las Vegas for golfers is becoming more specialized.

So whether you want a massage in the privacy of your own home, or in our new tranquil setting, Las Vegas Massage therapist Kris Kelley Can give you the best of both worlds ... and improve golf swing mechanics while we're at it!

I have written extensively about this on my page, Improve Golf Swing Technique. The primary message on this page is to let you know that I can accomplish everything written in that link with an At Your Door Massage in the comfort and convenience of your own home!

The main purpose of the information in the link above is to let you know that if you are in pain, or have limited range of motion due to muscles imbalances, generic exercises won't assist you much. It's practically useless to keep strengthening the strong muscles and stretching the weak muscles. This won't assist your golf game or lower your handicap either.

It needs to be the other way around! You need to stretch the strong, contracted muscles, and strengthen the weak, over-stretched muscles.

This is why you need to visit me. Besides the fact that I'll provide you with a wonderful massage, I'll also explain all of this to you, as well as provide you with the specific stretching and strengthening exercises YOU need to perform just for your body! Every-body is different.

We each have our own different postural issues. If each of us doesn't know what's 'out of whack' with our own individual bodies, how can we correct it?

Here on this page, Las Vegas Massage Posture Refinement Program For Golfers, I address the specific benefits of an At Your Door Massage. This pages focuses on exactly how your golf game with improve. I'm also offering a FREE 20 minutes postural analysis with this Las Vegas massage golf package.

At Your Door Massage also relieves pain from many other exercise and sports-related activities. People who participate in all kinds of physical activities often say that regular orthopedic massage improves their performance thanks to improved flexibility, range of motion and pain-free movement.

Please understand that I'm also a certified medical massage therapist and an orthopedic specialist. This differs quite a bit from a soothing, relaxing therapeutic massage that most people receive. To learn more about this, please visit my page here explaining, Las Vegas Massage - Medical and Orthopedic Massage.

What are YOU waiting for?? Call Kris NOW at 702.203.5670

You'll also receive my exclusive...

No-Risk Stress Relief Money-Back Guarantee!

All of my incredible massage packages are backed by my '100% Stress Relief Money-Back Guarantee.' If ever you're not more relaxed than you've been all week, your session is absolutely FREE! That's how strongly I believe in how great you're going to feel.

This guarantee is especially important since no other massage therapist offers one!

P.S. I forgot to mention that this exclusive At Your Door Massage Golf Enhancement Package is available in the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Call now to schedule your appointment...

...and watch your handicap drop like a sinking stone!

Call: Kris Kelley at: 702.203.5670

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