At Your Door Massage Provides Solutions For Your Weekend Warrior Aches & Pains!

I'm NOT performing massage in Las Vegas anymore. I'm now down in Prescott, Arizona as a life coach. If these services interest you, please feel free to visit my new website here at Exploring Awareness.

At Your Door Massage is THE solution to your back-breaking busy week, right in the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Are You A 'On The Go' Type Of Person?

Putting in 60 hours per week at Work, Riding Jetski's or Golfing on the Weekends, then doing all the Chores needed around the House?

At Your Door Massage Has The Solution For You!

If this above describes You, then click on the link to the right of this page entitled 'Deal of the Week,' or just click on this link, Massage in Las Vegas. Just add $20.00 for travel expenses and that's $69.00 for a massage in Las Vegas right in the comfort and convenience of your own home!

For a complete description of my Las Vegas Massage Weekend Warrior Massage Package, just click on this link.

Are the day-to-day activities taking their toll on you? Do your neck and shoulders feel like a bundle of knots from overuse? Are your lower back and feet always aching from standing all day?

If you're feeling stiffness in your neck, shoulders, lower back, arms, and wrists from playing on your days away from work, I have this 'Weekend Warrior' Las Vegas massage package which is a really cool new massage session that you're gonna LOVE that specializes on relieving these areas.

I use little known secrets that your doctor
doesn't even know about!

This massage is really different. It focuses strictly on the areas that drive many people nuts like tension headaches, 'knotted up' shoulders, stiff necks, and lower back pain. And the best part is, it's designed to relieve these symptoms in minutes!

Many 'Weekend Warriors' experience annoying stiff necks and shoulders, tightness in their wrists, achy knees and sore lower backs from their weekend hobbies. I thought this would be a great win/win for us – I get to introduce myself, and you get a massage in Las Vegas at a discounted price. Sound good?

Still thinking about visiting the local Spa? If so, please read this Special Report, first. How Las Vegas Day Spas Actually Stress You Out!

Right after you read that depressing article, pick up the phone and give Kris Kelley a call at: (702) 203-5670. Here is yet another way to mental calmness and relaxation: Stress relief meditation. This is great stuff! Join us on our page listed here for chronic pain relief as well as mental relaxation, Stress Relief Meditation. Right now, for a limited time, our stress relief meditation sessions are free!

Once again, the Las Vegas Massage Weekend Warrior Package is only $69.00 in the comfort and convenience
of your own home!

Kris Kelley Provides The Best Massage In Las Vegas!

To confirm this, please click on this link, Las Vegas Massage Kris Kelley Testimonials.

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