Las Vegas Massage Weekend Warrior Package

I am NOT performing massage therapy in Las Vegas anymore! This page and this entire website is now being used for marketing purposes only. I am now a life coach down in Prescott, Arizona, and if my new services interest you, please feel free to visit my new blog here, Exploring Awareness.


Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley is THE solution for all your weekend warrior aches and pains! Call Kris Kelley right now to schedule your massage in Las Vegas at (702) 203-5670.

Summerlin Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley Asks...

Does This Describe You?

  • Hiking In Las Vegas has your entire body fatigued
  • Las Vegas Cycling with your buddies took a 'turn for the worse'
  • Yoga in Las Vegas is stretching muscles you didn't even know you had and now you don't want to return to class
  • Tennis in Las Vegas has shredded your shoulder
  • Golfing In Las Vegas is now more of a chore than a game due to the heat and the alcohol
  • Riding Jet Ski's all weekend now has you dehydrated and grouchy
  • Jogging in Las Vegas is killing your feet due to all the asphalt
  • All your days off work have now turned to the dreaded 'To-Do' list and fixing stuff around the house; your lower back is killing you from all the stooping and bending over

Regardless of the time of year, you are going to be busy, catching all the Las Vegas deals, playing on your days off, or just completing your 'to-do' list. Let's get the jump on your aches and pains before You becomes unbearable with the best masage in Las Vegas! Are you suffering with negative emotional trauma as well? If so, join us here at our EFT Tapping in Las Vegas page, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas.

The Luxury of a Pain Relief at a Price You Can Still Afford!

$69 for A 60 Minute Las Vegas Massage!


This is what I'm up to:

The Weekend Warrior Las Vegas Massage is perfect for anyone who suffers from these aches and pains:

  • Upper back pain from working on the computer all day (Join us here and learn how to use ice therapy and heat therapy at our Chronic Back Pain Relief In Las Vegas page)
  • Limited range of motion in your neck, a stiff neck, or perhaps neck pain from golfing in Las Vegas
  • Tension headaches from daily stress
  • Nagging shoulder discomfort or your joints 'pop' when you move from perhaps yoga in Las Vegas
  • Lower back pain from hiking in Las Vegas (Join us at our Chronic Back Pain Treatment In Las Vegas page)
  • Sciatica pain shooting down your legs from possibly Las Vegas cycling or a family bike ride
  • Tight hamstrings or tired quads from bending over fixing stuff around the house
  • Stiff knees from hiking in Las Vegas or your morning walks
  • Flat feet or just tired, worn out feet from standing all day!

I'm sure you've felt all of these at one time or another. Physical activity, whether you are enjoying your jet ski out at the lake or just stooping over working in your garden, can quickly bring about all these aches and pains.

What solution are you looking for? A massage in Las Vegas? Well, let me sum it up for you: You want to do as you please and not have to suffer the next day in stiffness and in pain!

Sure, you can always pop some pills. But is that the correct long-term decision? How about this instead? I Help You Reduce Your Aches And Pains Without The Use Of Drugs Or Any Extra Effort On Your Part.

Once again, Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley is here for you. I'm a certified medical massage therapist who specializes in orthopedic (pain relief) massage and you can read about this here if you would like, Medical Massage In Las Vegas. Yet, I can hear you already...

"Holy smokes Kris! Medical/Orthopedic massage? What's that?!?!? Just make me feel better!"

...and I will with my massage in Las Vegas!

All this fancy talk is just to let you know that I know what I'm doing! Fancy words such as Trigger Point Therapy In Las Vegas, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, etc., etc.

"Sounds good, Kris. Please explain to me then, in common sense terms, what we’re going to do. I just want a massage so I can feel like a million bucks!"

First, please call Kris Kelley right now to set up a massage in Las Vegas appointment at: (702) 203-5670. Next, I'll need you to arrive 15 minutes early for your Summerlin Las Vegas massage. Why?

I need a brief history of what is going on with your body. How can I perform treatment on you if I don't know what's going on first, right? Here's the thing...

Many times, the area that has aches and pains is not the area of your body that is causing the aches and pains! Yes, if your hips are out of alignment from hiking in Las Vegas, this may be the cause of your neck pain. Think of your body as one big system! Everything is tied together. We will help sort this all out with our Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage protocol.

Sure, your body may be in alignment, and your lower back and hamstrings (the back of your legs) may be sore due to the fact that you just joined a Las Vegas cycling association. No problem. This is what our initial assessment is all about! Oh, and don’t worry...

None of this structural assessment will cut into
your actual Las Vegas massage time!

Now, we get to your Las Vegas Massage! Once we ensure you are in alignment, I can perform deep tissue on your back, soothing relaxation massage on your hamstrings, take the stiffness out of your neck, trigger point massage therapy...everything you want from a massage in Vegas!

Call Kris Kelley right now at: (702) 203-5670 to discuss your individual situation in Summerlin Las Vegas.

Also, please remember...

All of my incredible massage packages are backed by my '100% Pain Relief Money-Back Guarantee.'

If ever you're not more relaxed and pain free than you've been all week, your session is absolutely FREE! That's how strongly I believe in how great you're going to feel after your massage in Las Vegas.

This guarantee is especially important since no other massage in Las Vegas offers one! Please visit our blog as well to keep up to date with what we are doing, here, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas blogspot.

Pick up your telephone and schedule your Las Vegas Massage RIGHT NOW!

Kris Kelley (702) 203-5670.

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