How To Generate Clients - Earn $87,500 Annually!

How To Generate Clients - Read this massage marketing tip on how to generate a $87,500 massage practice in 5 months!

Massage Marketing Tip - 3 Fast Ways To Generate 100 New Clients (Plus The All Important Kicker)

This is done by creating a mailer for:

  • Offering a new bodywork package and/or referral program to current clients.

  • Offering a "Welcome Back" massage for inactive clients.

  • Designing massage packages for five different types of businesses where massage can solve a problem that's unique to them.

  • The Kicker: Utilize Massage Marketing Facebook to assist in all of the above!

This is how marketing your massage business truly works and how to generate clients. For example, you can mail directly to local CPA's after reading this massage marketing tip, Massage Marketing Letters CPAs, travel agents, florists, hair stylists, real estate agents, attorneys, golfers, etc., etc.

If you don't have time to think of a massage package completely unique to each type of business right now, you can always design a neck and shoulder stress relief-style massage package. You can't go wrong with that. Just remember to tweak the name and how you slant the package to the five different groups.

SIDENOTE and huge massage marketing tip: Although St. Patrick's Day is a specific date, I'd still like to mention it as it provides for a great marketing opportunity! Check out this St Patricks Day Massage Package by clicking on the link.

An example, for St. Patrick's Day you could call your neck, head and shoulder routine a 'Hang-Over Recovery Massage' and make the offer effective beginning March 18th when they are completely hung over from a long night of partying. Spruce it up with plenty of water, free parafin wraps for their hands and feet, perhaps extra time spent on their aching head, etc., etc.

Yet another important massage marketing tip for accountants, you could call your neck and shoulder routine a 'CPA Stress Buster Massage' and make the offer effective beginning April 15th when they're completely worn out from everybody filing their taxes at the last minute.

As to the travel agents you can slant it as a mini-vacation for them.

For hair stylists you can talk about how they're always standing on their feet all day and how their hands and wrists ache after a busy day.

Are you beginning to see how to generate clients?

When you go through your phone book (or Facebook!) to get their mailing addresses, you'll probably find dozens of listings in each category – unless you live in a very rural area. Then I'd mail to as many local businesses as possible to help make up the volume.

If you mailed to ten businesses within each of those five categories, that's 50 letters being mailed to 50 new people.

Back to our database now. Let's assume you don't have that many current or inactive clients. Maybe you only have ten of each – ten people you would consider regulars and ten people who haven't scheduled with you in a while.

That's a total of 70 people who are going to get contacted from you in a gentle, non-intrusive way with an offer that's special for them.

That will cost you only $30.80 in stamps. That's not bad, is it?

SIDENOTE & YET ANOTHER HUGE MASSAGE MARKETING TIP: Read this quick article to Massage Mailers to ensure your mailer gets opened!

Remember now, we're talking multi-tasking, not one idea at a time on how to generate clients.

What does this mean, multi-tasking? Well, here it is. You are going to compose letters to the groups mentioned above, and, you are going to learn how to generate clients with my e-book. Here's the link so you can read more about it: Massage Marketing Facebook.

This e-book will take you, step-by-step, through a simple process on how to generate clients in your niche target market efficiently and effectively via the Internet. This e-book demonstrates how to find prospective clients, how to communicate with them online and so much more!

Here's an important massage marketing tip: The prospective clients you meet on Facebook should still receive your mailer. People like to have something in their hands that they can touch and see (your mailer), as it adds a more personal touch. It's all about building trust so they schedule with you, and this technique works on how to generate clients!

This e-book will run you less than twenty bucks. So, we're looking at a total cost for running all of the above at the same time of $45.75.

You're going to get great results and truly learn how to generate clients. How great?

Well, it's impossible for me to get specific with every single practitioner. Everyone lives in a different economic area, has different fees, different goals, and many other variables.

With that being said, I would expect to get 10-15 new clients right off the bat. And I'm only talking about initial numbers. I’m not even mentioning all of the residual income that you will be receiving from repeat bookings, referrals and other products you can sell to these new clients.

Now simply repeat this process on how to generate clients.

Remember, you also need to:

  • Mail out your new client kit to your new clients. (You DO have a new client kit, don't you?)

  • Send a thank you card for any referrals you get.

  • Offer first time clients 10% off their next appointment (or some other gift) if they book their next appointment before they leave.

  • Ask for referrals and testimonials from new clients.

  • As new local business owners become regulars, you can now ask to set up an endorsed mailing campaign.

  • Repeat this process on how to generate clients!

If you 'only' generate five new clients a week with this process, you’ll hit the 100 new client mark in five months (5 clients a week x 20 weeks). If you consistently generate an average of five new clients a weeks while keeping your current clients happy, you’re going to be booked solid real fast.

That average will vary a little bit from week to week. Some weeks you'll be swamped with new appointments such as when you're promoting Massage Gift Certificates and other weeks will be a little slower. But averaging five new clients a week from one source or another will always keep your appointment book full.

If you feel after a while that you've already contacted most of the local businesses by now, you should be generating a steady stream of clients from them by either endorsed mailing campaigns you've arranged and by referrals.

Let's get started right now!

I highly recommend you begin by creating your new massage packages for your current clients and your five new areas you are expanding into.

Craft a savvy mailer as well. One page, full of benefits that are solutions to their unique problems. This is how to generate clients!

Then, order my e-book, Massage Marketing Facebook and follow the step-by-step process.

Take The First Step. Begin this process right now with how to generate clients.

This is a simple process, yet it's not easy.

It only works if YOU do.

Questions or concerns?

I'm not going anywhere. Ask away in the form below!

Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley

I am currently NOT performing massage therapy. I have moved, and am now living in Prescott, Arizona as a life coach and personal performance coach. If these services interest you, please feel free to visit my new blog here, Exploring Awareness. Thanks!

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