Self Care Financial Keeping
Your Massage Business On Track

Learn self care financial tips about how to keep your massage business financially successful.

Incorporate this into the business portion of your massage therapist self care program!

Financial Success In Your Self Care Program

Financial concerns are first and foremost on everyone's mind, not just massage therapists.

If your clients cannot pay their bills they may not be receiving a massage from you. There is definitely a chain of events I've seen with my clients in regards to the ‘health’ of my Las Vegas massage therapy business. I'm still making a great living, but have had to adjust how I'm going about doing it.

I certainly don't know what your financial situation is, but I'd like to at least point out a couple of areas that you need to take a look at to ensure your self care financial success in your massage therapy business.

  • Create a good, strong foundation for your "massage therapy business."

Know how to run your business efficiently and effectively. Have a great technique and be professional. Cut costs that are not essential. (Keep a close eye on what's essential and what's not. Don't skimp on OVER-Delivering to the client.) Most all of us already know this so I won't nag any further.

  • Know your target market and figure out HOW to generate more clients!

Click here for massage marketing tips on how to generate more clients. This section is a work in progress so keep visiting to learn more on how to market and advertise to obtain more prospective massage clients.

  • Improve your customer service and relationships to hold on to your existing clients!

You have got to step up your relationship skills and your customer service. I don't know what you are doing or how you are doing it, but over the last year or two, with the economy the way it is, delivering SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERIVCE is a must!

Relationship building and development is critical to your success in these tough economic times. If you build true relationships with your clients, no matter what occurs with the economy or your clients personal lives, your massage business will not suffer nearly as much as most. (I can make this statement based on fact. I know what I’ve done to build relationships and keep my clients, as well as spoke with over 3,000 massage therapists during the last year in regards to what most of 'them' are doing. It's not pretty out there folks.) Customer Service and building Quality Relationships needs to be your top priority! This will significantly improve your self care financial situation!

  • Identify yourself as a 'specialist and adjust your rates accordingly!

You have got to keep a close eye on how much money you are making on a daily basis. If you give away free massage, discounts, promotions, etc., etc., that's a good step in growing your massage business. This MUST be developed further though. How long are you offering your discounts? How and when are you moving your clients into a higher income earning massage package that generates YOU more income?

You and your business are your number one concern, period. Let me re-phrase that: "The financial success of you and your massage business must be your number one concern." If you cannot make a living, how are you going to take care of your clients, your family?

To tie this into the previous topic of relationship building, your relationships with your clients must command trust and respect from them. When you do this, it is only natural for the client to realize that you need to make money. When you build and develop strong relationships with your clients they KNOW that you run a business and that you need to be paid appropriately. THIS is how you manage your self care financial situation.

This won't occur though if you are not paying attention. The burden of growing your business and making more money does NOT fall on your clients shoulders. This responsibility is yours to pay attention to and move your clients forward. Slowly build your relationship and move your clients up that Lifetime Value chain; away from the 'freebies' to purchasing multiple monthly massage packages and 90 minute hot stone massage sessions that bring in top dollar!

Keep a close eye on your free massages, discounts, promotions, DAILY! Spend some time figuring out when and where you can earn more money to improve your self care financial situation! I cannot emphasize this enough.

  • Determine your "Golden Hour" and maximize your profits!

This is a huge self care financial tip; basic supply and demand. Your hour or two or three that you are the busiest is when you need to earn the most! Schedule ruthlessly!

Let me give you an example:

Here is one of my USP's: The Luxury of a Spa Experience in the Comfort and Convenience of Your Home. (I perform outcall massage only.) My golden hours are from 6p.m. to 9p.m. on a nightly basis. Most everyone is home from work wanting a massage.

Let me be right up front: This is NOT the time for me to be giving away discounts or free massage.

I have prioritized my clients and scheduled them appropriately. I am making $120.00 per hour (without tips) for these 'golden hours' I decide to perform massage.

These clients are my very best. We have built fabulous relationships and they are waiting and wanting to give me their money.

These clients never cancel and I don't waste time. These are high-profit money making massages, such as performing massage on the husband and wife, lengthy hot stone massages, etc., etc. I'm not wasting time driving all over town from one massage to the next, either. I'm organized and scheduled for maximum effectiveness.

This can work for you as well. Figure out your 'golden hour,' figure out your best clients, and maximize the law of supply and demand to maximize your self care financial situation.

  • Create multiple streams of income.

Are there some products you can sell that naturally flow into your massage packages? Look at selling some products. Have you looked at a network marketing company that you can sell health and wellness products? This scares many massage therapists, yet if you can find a great product that your clients love, it will really improve your self care financial situation.

Do you have a massage website or a personal website that generates large traffic numbers? Use Google Ad sense to create more income without further work on your part. Solo Build It! Is excellent for assisting you in creating high-traffic generating sites that will improve your self care financial situation.

One final note...If you are stress out and would like to learn how to do meditation and stress relief meditation, please feel free to visit our page here entitled, Stress Relief Meditation. It will work wonders on your troubled mindset.

These are just a few tips to keep your massage business in the black not in the red. Remember: You have got to keep your OWN self care financial security in-tact if you wish to keep assisting others!

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