"Selling Massage" And How It Affects
Marketing Your Massage Business

"Selling Massage" is a challenge for Massage Therapists. Learn how to incorporate soft sell massage marketing techniques ...

... and keep your repeat client massage business.

Marketing Your Massage Business

"Selling Massage" Starts With Being A Great Listener!

Successful massage therapists don't push massage; they listen for people's wants and needs. The really good massage therapists I've met sell other products just as readily as they 'sell' their massage sessions.

Get in that habit, the habit of being helpful. Find people's needs (and wants!) as a matter of fact. Find them even when you're not really 'on duty'. Listen to people. Effective listening skills will help you decipher what people are really saying versus what is actually rolling off their lips. This will pay you forever when you get in 'touch' with them ;)

There's what you do to attract massage clients and selling massage, and there's everything else. There's your main massage business and there's everything else. What is your main business? Performing massage? No. Attracting clients (selling massage) is your main business. You attract prospective clients in the door and then after the massage you attract your client back as repeat clients, referrals, etc.

If you're not organizing your time and your chores and your day's plans accordingly, how do you think the results will turn out?

"Selling Massage" Techniques

Massage Marketing Starts With Sales

I lead with sales because I'm convinced that everyone in every organization is now part of the sales force. I also think you're part of customer service, but there are no clients without sales. Sales come first.

No matter if you're the new massage therapist just out of school or the owner of a chain of spa's, your job is sales and then customer service, great massage techniques, etc., etc. If you don't think it is, your massage company's health is probably just as questionable as the rest of the businesses out there.

The #1 trait of excellent customer service is empathy married to action. Sometimes, empathy is all you can deliver. Empathy plus action is what makes great customer service. You can practice this as often as possible, too. You can do it at home. Get on the other person's side of the table as often as possible. Look for potential ways to help. And remember, listening and making someone feel heard is every bit as important an action as any other. (Note to men: We tend to leap to action instead of helping a woman feel heard – that's from personal experience.)

Are you the prospective client of massage products or massage services? Most likely, yes. I would hope you receive a massage on a regular basis. Yet, perhaps you're such an old pro that it's hard to connect with the mindset of the 'prospect' any longer. You know the inside language. You know what you want the prospective client to do. But if you're going to market, in social media or otherwise, you have to become the prospective client once again. See reality from their point of view and you will understand the soft sell techniques to "selling massage".

Do you know who your prospective clients are, your target markets, and what they want? In my mind, my prospective clients are small business owners and entrepreneurs, sports enthusiasts, medical professionals. But maybe many of them are independent thinkers, looking to find tips and tricks to improve their health and wellness in ways other than massage therapy.

Does the language of your massage website, your newsletter, your blog posts, your sales copy, your elevator speech, help you find new prospective clients? Does your massage marketing content (verbal or written,) focus on benefits as opposed to features?

Say I've miraculously self-identified a prospective client. What do I do to start? Is the onramping process obvious and easy? Do I understand what comes first, and what I'm supposed to do? You might think it looks perfectly obvious but maybe it's not.

If I look at the multiple steps of attracting a client, scheduling them, obtaining their contact information on the intake form, performing an excellent massage, getting them re-scheduled, teaching them how to refer others to me, there's a lot there. If I were new, would I know what to do first, second and third? Maybe not.

How does your process and/or your massage content stack up? If someone has stumbled into being a reader of yours, how are you serving their further education on the benefits of massage? How are you getting them 'up to speed' on their own bodies with their own specific issues?

"Selling Massage Services"

Mutual Benefits For You AND Your Client!

In a conversation a day or two ago, I steered a therapist away from "selling massage", and instead pushed for selling services that were wrapped around massage packages instead. This, by the way, is a make-or-break experience. If I'm the prospective client and I have every intention of trusting you, then you the massage therapist have to tell me, "You don't need this spa treatment yet. Hold off on spending on that until you've had a little more time with this massage treatment you already have." You know that experience, right? You can earn a loyal client for life if you help me navigate 'what else do I need' without milking me.

If you're here with the intention of marketing your massage business, then you have to build on your empathy, your understanding, and your experiential design. Unless you're selling a simple 'one time massage,' or service, something that's throwaway, then it's vital that you become the prospective client.

Practice this exercise once a week. Review EVERYTHING you're sending out, everything you're presenting, and ask yourself whether it sells to your prospective clients. Rip out everything that doesn't and work until you have your target market defined, prospective clients pegged and essentially on your way to successfully marketing your massage business. Use great Massage Marketing Tips and Ideas to kick-start your massage business!

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